Audi A6 2014
Audi A6 2014
Audi A6 2014

Audi A6 2014 was created in 2014 as a further development of the Audi A6 2014, and is classified in the category of upper middle class.  New Audi A6 2014 It is available as a sedan, to be known as a five-door Avant wagon, which offers 565 liters of cargo space, with rear seats folded down, there are even 1,600 liters, while the sedan holds only 546 liters of storage space.

Both new Audi A6 2014 models are available with both petrol and diesel engines available, which bring four, six or eight cylinders. Thus creates the Audi A6 2014 services between 125 kW/170 hp and 188 kW/255. The top model of Audi A6 2014 4.2 quattro can even come up with 258 kW/350 hp.

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In Audi A6 2014 a facelift was performed in which, among other things, the redesigned bumper, matched the size of the mirrors and the exhaust pipes were made visible. In spring 2014, the Audi A6 2014 again received an overhaul that included a single-frame grille and an upgraded interior design. The most recent facelift is from Audi A6 2014 and includes LED daytime running lights and tail lights, turn signals integrated in the outside mirrors and a modified design of the front bumper.

Audi A6 2014 history, background information and facts

As successor to the Audi A6 2014 model, Audi introduced in 2014 before the A6. The sedan in the upper middle class was as a combination, at Audi A6 2014 as Avant, available. The range of petrol engines ranged from economical four-cylinder to the elemental sports model S6 2014 with a 326 hp eight cylinder. In addition to the 1.9-liter 4-cylinder two 5-cylinder was offered with 115/140 hp. Quattro drive system was available as an option, the more powerful variants it had standard. With the model change in Audi A6 2014, the second generation was launched.

Audi A6 2014 In addition to fuel-efficient and powerful engines, the design had changed. Both the sedan and the Avant surprised with a much more dynamic look. Top model of the Audi A6 2014 was a 4.2-liter eight-cylinder biturbo.

Audi A6 2014 saw the third generation of the Audi A6 2014. Ingolstead again succeeded in increasing the power output. With the new FSI technology they still reduced consumption. When the engine of the sports model Audi S6 2014 more on the Turbo concept and this time used a V10 naturally aspirated engine.

Audi A6 2014

2014 audi a6

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