BMW X3 2014
BMW X3 2014
BMW X3 2014

BMW X3 2014 review is designed as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) to still have fun and sportsmanship in poor road and weather conditions. With the wintry conditions that can end in sudden incurred snow in Germany, the BMW X3 2014 SAV is well clear. But in contrast to its big brother BMW X3 2014 review he is not a SUV (sports utility vehicle), so no SUVs.

Nevertheless, it has its advantages: Although the BMW X3 2014 is about four inches shorter than his big brother, his trunk even greater. By folding the rear seats creates a load volume of up to 1,560 liters on a flat cargo area. For an extra charge there is also the BMW X3 2014 with eyelets in the cargo floor, so that can be mountain bikes, motorcycles and other cargo stowed safely. With a 3 liter gasoline engine, it creates the BMW X3 review 2014 car rental in 7.8 seconds from 0 to 100, where it reaches up to 210 km / hr.

The BMW X3 2014 also get a number of techniques are used, which have proven themselves in the BMW X3 2014. The system BMW x3 for sale xDrive distributes drive power variably to the individual wheels. This gives the car better road holding and greater stability, for example in cornering. The digital engine electronics or digital diesel electronics controls all engine related functions so that is always possible, provided for the highest efficiency.

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BMW x3 2014 model has apparently done properly at the current BMW x3 2014 model Series F25 everything. Ever since its launch in late 2010, the Munich were able to sell 270,000 units worldwide already good. In Germany, there were just under 26,000 last year alone. Here, the BMW x3 2014 model is not exactly a bargain. At least 36,400 euros costs of entry into the world of 4.65 meters long and 1.66 meters high SUV in South Carolina / USA runs like X5 and X6 from the band and no longer as the smaller predecessor in Graz, Austria. The difference in size to the X5 car rental is barely visible at first sight, and the space for five passengers and 550 liters of luggage can be quite impressive. Nevertheless, separate BMW x3 2014 model car rental and X5 nearly 20,000 euros.
Acts as a base model in the BMW X3 2014 model sDrive18d with 143 hp diesel engine, which is to have either four wheel drive or automatic transmission. For this, you go on with the best small diesel along with rear wheel drive. In the standard cycle of 18d consumes just 5.1 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Who picks out early for crisp gear is actually rewarded in everyday traffic with consumption of just six liters. The performance always go as quickly through in less than ten seconds to get from zero to 100, and on the highway, the BMW x3 2014 model sDrive18d even reaches 195 km / h top.

BMW X3 2014

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BMW X3 2014 model Manual otherwise there is only the 2.0 petrol engine 20i and the two liter diesel 20d both have 184 hp and all wheel drive. In Germany, the xDrive20d is the most popular variant. Performance, fuel consumption and comfort seem to please the customer. It can also be fitted as a single with an additional NOx storage catalytic converter to reduce the nitrogen oxides. The Euro 6 way classification brings a unique tax bonus of 150 euros.